Friday, April 21, 2023

Trumpet is an operating system for simple and robust cell-free biocomputing

Biological computation is becoming a viable and fast-growing alternative to traditional electronic computing. Now, we present, a biocomputing technology called Trumpet: Transcriptional RNA universal multi-purpose GatE platform. Trumpet combines the simplicity and robustness of the simplest in vitro biocomputing methods, adding signal amplification and programmability, while avoiding common shortcomings of live cell-based biocomputing solutions. We have demonstrated the use of Trumpet to build all universal Boolean logic gates. We have also built a web-based platform for designing Trumpet gates and created a primitive processor by networking several gates as a proof-of-principle for future development. The Trumpet offers a change of paradigm in biocomputing, providing an efficient and easily programmable biological logic gate operating system.

Courtesy: Nature Communications (


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